Revolutionise legacy software by providing technology based services on all levels of the IT modernization lifecycle.

Our Approach

Bonede Alliance applies an evolutionary approach to revolutionise legacy software. We assist organisations in managing change by providing technology based services on all levels of the IT modernization lifecycle.

Before the Change

Bonede Alliance offers a wide range of pre-modernization and migration services, aimed at business and technical portfolio analysis, specifically tailored for the relevant environment.

We make use of the know-how AND expertise of our consultants and you who deliver good working knowledge of the relevant environments to deliver a wide range of possible target platforms and options to externalise operations to the cloud.

In order to ensure a transparent and fair provision of services, we perform auditing and assessments on a fixed price basis within the framework and to a degree of granularity which is both requested and reasonable.

During the Change

This is where the roots of Bonede Alliance are located : Providing you complete solutions to standardise and consolidate data and relationalise databases. We operate within the Bonede group and/or with a customer-preferred system integrator with flexible customer-driven options.

We have a proven record of over 120 completed projects, with global customers of various sizes, operating with diverse or homogenous applications and platforms. These projects cover a wide scope of complexity, size and duration.

We have the technologies, the people, the skills, the experience and the know-how to conduct projects on a fixed price basis.

Quality, timetables and deadlines, performance, proof of the added value and that based on your criteria, are part and parcel of the solutions. This is achieved in a cooperative, constructive and team-oriented manner, in many local languages or English. All your staff affected by activities are integrated in all phases of the process.

After the Change

After completion of the task of migration or modernization of applications and infrastructure, your application can now be transferred module by module to its new environment, allowing for a smooth transition without any downtime of your system and without having to re-engineer your applications.

Bonede Alliance specialists are available for providing the expertise necessary to effectively operate in the new environment.

This includes Just-in-Time-Learning concepts to provide the required skills for your staff, additional continuous services, including Service Level Agreement Maintenance even at the application maintenance level.

Beyond the Change

Our strategy is to provide continuous improvement on modern systems and on-going support through innovative solutions in conjunction with IT system integrator organisations and you, based on our wide range of expertise to ensure real added value to the customer beyond the change.

The history of Bonede is reflected through its founders’ long-term cooperation with customers. Business relationships of over 20 years are normal and not the exception.

We optionally extend and enhance large system integrator services and software houses, who may provide off-shore and local labour intensive repetitive services.