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Bonede Alliance

Bonede Alliance assists organisations in managing change. Change processes may be purely IT-related or a combination of IT and business issues, which can have significant and adverse effects on IT.


The objective of Bonede Alliance is to ensure that IT can meet the changes and challenges that its organisation is faced with. Failure to meet this challenge implies that IT itself is failing to meet its primary objectives.

Change processes consist of a series of steps along a strategic route taken by a company with their IT over many, many years. Bonede Alliance recognises and understands the effects and risks of long term change processes. Our activities include assisting, defining and realising a clear path to the future, based on long-term vision, security and independence, while avoiding the risks of short-term or short-sighted options.

If unavoidable dependencies arise during change processes, Bonede Alliance works to ensure that such dependencies are temporary and can be resolved or removed as part of the long-term strategy. Dependencies are then no longer viewed as risks or limitations, but rather as solutions for particular problems in a specific phase of the long-term IT-strategy.

The risks which affect the four major phases of IT strategy implementation are continuously influenced by the overall company and IT change.


Bonede Alliance helps organizations focus on the platforms, technologies, applications and individuals ensuring that these equally important parts of the puzzle fit together in the overall solution.

With this approach, the continuous, iterative task of moving through the phases of transition becomes a manageable task.

Our services and tools have been used on a wide range of legacy and contemporary platforms, including IBM (both Z and I series), BULL and FUJITSU mainframes, as well as other proprietary platforms. The environments include both old and contemporary applications, databases, transaction monitors, batch, security and printing.

Members of the Bonede Alliance


EasiRun is a German-based product, tools and solutions provider for the modernization of both application as well as development software, with an emphasis on COBOL.

Since 1994, EasiRun Europa has specialised in application analysis, code conversion and transformation and the integration of legacy COBOL applications into Java and .NET environments.


MigrationWare is a solutions company which ensures the preservation and protection of the life expectancy of business applications by transforming and modernising legacy code and architecture, while retaining the functionality provided to the business.

MigrationWare has highly specialised skills in migrating legacy systems to Main-frame, Linux, Unix and Microsoft platforms.


Scala4's background is from the IBM Z/OS mainframe, specializing in Application Modernization and Platform Migrations. We have now built a comprehensive group of highly specialized IT professionals servicing the Nordic market place.

Founded in 2010, Scala4 has a broad set of IT skills, divided into IT Modernization, Migration, Testing and Outsourcing. We have strategic alliances with several providers of IT Software solutions and consulting services.


TELEBIG occupies today a recognised position in the ecosystem of "Solutionneurs de modernization".

TELEBIG provides various integrated solutions within the product-set “Migration+”. This covers Migration (from Re-hosting to Re-engineering elements and approaches), Application Modernization, and the required consulting services. The complete offering is complementary to complete Legacy Mainframe modernization projects, or the replacement of Oracle Forms and other 4GL environments, replacing them with todays Java and .NET based solutions and expertise.


Sydema is an Italian software house, founded in 1978, with an important focus on system integration activities in order to offer solutions that meet customers’ needs.

The constant attention to the market evolution, supported by specific investments in research and development, allows Sydema to guarantee to its Customers a present and future security on the reliability and the continuity of its offer, in terms of quality of products and services provided.

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